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CV ︎︎︎

Hello! I'm Elisa Cocchi, aka 🥥🥥.

My Role
💡 Experience Design | 📚 Learning Designer & Technologies | 🚀 Service Design | 🔗 Project Coordination | 🧠 Design Thinking | ✏️ UI/UX | 🔍 User Research | ♻️ Iterative Process | ☝️ Instructional Designer |

My Drive
With over 8 years of immersive experience in the design industry, I've gained a deep understanding of design, business, and strategy. I'm passionate about educational processes and methodologies to achieve meaningful outcomes.

My Values
Creating a supportive workplace culture is essential to me. I prioritize teamwork, inclusivity, diversity, community involvement, and sustainability. These beliefs serve as the foundation for positive impact and business success.

I can help you with