Drawn to Nature

for J. J. Audubon exhibition at
Indianapolis Museum of Art
April - August 2017

Immersive video and sound installation

Surrounded by birds, branches and leaves the viewer is absorbed in a 360° natural environment created with mirrors, projected animations and spatialized sound.


The project

The installation consisted of an immersive experience that synthesizes one day in the forest from sunrise till sunset. During which the original drawings by Audubon come to life in the natural habitat of the animals. The sound of each bird introduces the specific contextualized species which slowly appears through a hidden green spot.

My role

I met Silvia F. Fantoni at the Museum Next conference in Dublin where we started our collaboration. Together with OLO Creative Farm I designed this project from the early stages until the end.

I developed the concept idea, the proposals, the moodboards and storyboards. I digitally composed the environment integrating the original bird paintings and I coordinated the team, helping with elements of the animation while keeping a constant overview of the entire project.

We designed the space to incorporate various target audiences, immersing everybody in the species habitat within nature. We worked in close relation to IMA scientific team in order to create a powerful narrative with scientific value.


The Exhibition

The installation had been created for the John James Audubon exhibition Drawn to Nature.

The viewer could admire the original 75 masterful hand-drawn and painted birds collected in the prestigious book Birds of America.

J. J. Audubon
(1785–1851) is a key figure in ornithology, art and conservation.
He developed his methods for drawing birds based on his extensive field observations. He employed carefully constructed compositions, drama and slightly exaggerated poses to achieve artistic as well as scientific effects.

The Indianapolis Museum of Art is an encyclopedic museum of art located in the Art & Nature Park of 100 Acres. It is the ninth oldest and largest encyclopedic art museum in the United States. The permanent collection comprises over 54.000 works form all over the world. There are exhibitions, classes, tours and events.

In 2019 the North Carolina Museum of Art also hosted the entire exhibition Drawn the Nature.