Elisa πŸ₯₯πŸ₯₯

Lake Como Essence

for Camera di Commercio Como
at Expo Fiera Milano

August - September 2015

Projection mapping on printed surface

A mutating mechanism which represents the interconnection between the city’s apparatus - the causes and the consequences.


The project

This installation consisted of a video projection mapping on a mechanism composed of printed images, real objects and digital animations. The composition represented a map with the city's sectors as urbanistic, industrials and territorials.

On this map, a bright line of energy activated and involves all differents sectors making them collaborate in a circular uniform harmony.

My role

For this project I worked on the idea from earliest stages until the end stages.

In details, I developed the concept idea, the proposals with several printing tests.
I digitally compose the printed graphics and I have chosen and integrating the real objects on the surface.

I designed with OLO Creative Farm this installation for the city of Como, collaborating with public entities for outlined in the world wide fair in Milan.

The exhibition

The installation had been created for the Camera di Commercio of Como during the noted Expo Fiera Milano.

Expo had been a world wide exhibition based in Milan in 2015 with the theme of that years was "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life".

The city of Como had dedicated a temporay space, the installation welcomed the visitor at the beginning of the tour.

After this period the city of Como hosted the installation in the Board of Trade building for the following months.