Inafferrabile Caduta

for Joan Mirò exhibition
at Mudec
Museo delle culture
March - September 2016

Video and sound installation

A flow of colour, sands and feathers virtually covers the spectator, leaving them the last immersive memory of the force the materials.


The project

The installation consisted of a two minutes video which portrayed materials dripping downwards in a hypnotic rhythm.
The positioning of this projection was crucial for its desired intentions. We placed it in the last room of the J. Mirò exhibition, with a part of the projection covering the ceiling and the rest falling on a curtain. Before leaving the whole experience, the viewer would pass through an abstract shower of colour which would submerge them in the medium used by the great painter.

My role

Together with OLO Creative Farm I was part of the creation of this project from the beginning to the end. After concept development, we focused on the project’s implementation. For the type of aesthetic we wished to create, we had to build a structure that allowed us to film from below through easy-to-replace surfaces.

My role involved critically reviewing the concept idea, testing the limits and the possibilities. In collaboration with DOP Paolo Volontè we realized the structure and I prepared all the possible materials to experiment with, calculating all falling parameters.

We experimented a lot during the shooting and carried on playing with elements during the editing phases like twisting the speed amid the more interesting moments of movement. 

The exhibition

The installation had been created for the Joan Mirò exhibition, La forza della natura (The force of the matter).

100 works have been hosted at the Mudec which tell of heterodox images and materials about Mirò’s surrealist turning point on art.

Joan Mirò
(1893–1983) was a surrealist Spanish painter, sculptor and ceramist. He was one of the most illustrious personalities in the history of modern art.

We also created a virtual reality 360° experience, a journey into Mirò spaces.

Wearing the Samsung Gear vr the viewer could enter and visit all the rooms of the Mirò Mallorca Foundation including some areas no longer open to the public.