The Last Supper

for Shaping the Future
at Art Science Museum


Projection mapping on printed surfaced

Educational video projection mapping on real size masterpieces


The project

The installation consisted of a 7 minutes informative video about the history, techniques and secrets of The Last Supper. We worked on a faithful reproduction of the original Leonardo da Vinci masterpiece realized in 1611 by Andre Bianchi Vespino. We compared the two works revealing the meanings, the chromatic choices and prospective features.

My role

This is one of the first projects that I have entirely curated. My role entailed in-deep research into topics identifying the most requested elements of the paint and afterwards translating them into a story.

I designed the evolution of the content, realized most of the animations and coordinating the rest of the team. With OLO creative farm we also designed the rest of the multimedia contents for the rest of the exhibition.

The exhibition

Shaping the Future is a journey through the work and legacy of the most celebrated artist and scientist of all time, Leonardo da Vinci.

Presenting original masterpieces by da Vinci for the first time in Southeast Asia, the exhibition focuses on the Codex Atlanticus, preserved in Veneranda Biblioteca Ambrosiana in Milan.

The Artscience Museum in Singapore is located within the resort of Marina Bay Sand.
The building features 21 gallery spaces spanning nearly 5000m2.

Designed by Moshe Safdie it becomes during the years an icon of the innovation and new ideas.